Gem Junkies
Gem Junkies
Feb 15, 2019
Doug Hucker - Smiles from mine to market
54 min
Tuscon was another great year and we were fortunate enough to interview THE Doug Hucker -- CEO of AGTA.  Take look into how it all with the AGTA Gem Fair, the lore behind the show and even define the term "ethically sourced".

0:46.0 - First memory of a piece of jewelry or gemstone

1:30.0 - What's your story? How did you get here?

5:41.0 - What direction are you steering the ship?

8:06.0 - Elaborating on disclosure/transparency about gemstones

9:25.0 - What does the AGTA provide in regards to education?

16:46.0 - Showing color

20:07.0 - AGTA Experience

22:06.0 - Passion, knowledge and success.  

23:08.0 - Excitement around color

25:32.0 - How did the show get started?

32.17.0 - Favorite Tuscon experience

36.33.5 - What was the first year you came to Tuscon?

40:02.0 - Ehtically sourced

43:35.0 - Let's define what doing good is?

49:37.0 - Smiles from mine-to-market
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