Gem Junkies
Gem Junkies
Jun 1, 2018
All Hail The King
22 min
All hail The King of Gemstones, RUBY! You might have heard of it, but do you know why its so renowned and associated with wealth and power? Or what gives Ruby the rich red color? Gemologists and jewelry designers Brecken and Jonathan explore the hefty reputation of this prized gemstone.

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Tell us how hard our teeth are? (Follow-up question from prior podcast episode.)

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 Ruby – The King of all gemstones

Corundum family

*02:28:00 *            
Pink Sapphire vs. Ruby

*03:33:00    *          
The color red

*05:29:00  *           
How rubies are formed

What kind of deposits they're found in?

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Rubies from Cambodia and Thailand

*07:18:50      *        
Rubies from Greenland

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