Gem Junkies
Gem Junkies
Aug 13, 2020
Little Silver = Platinum
30 min
What is denser than a diamond and is extremely ductile?  PLATINUM.  Once tossed away to be believed un-ripened silver that noble metal has become a popular choice in jewelry design.  Learn about its discovery and its out of this world origins. 


00:00:00              Dubba-dub-dub-dub

00:14:00              The game plan with the podcast

03:50:00              Garden Woes

05:54:00              So Platinum. . . how did it get its name?

06:13:00              Platinum’s discovery

08:22:00              Platinum group of metals

10:05:00              Studying the properties of platinum 

13:36:00              First reference of platinum

15:12:00              The heaviness of platinum 

15:47:00              Platinum is very ductile 

16:19:00              Malleability

16:36:00              Durability

18:33:00              Melting point

19:43:00              Mining platinum 

20:52:00              WWII

22:05:00              How did it get here?

22:43:00              The moon

22:58:00              Platinum in the Earth’s crust

24:19:00              Producing pure platinum 

26:06:00              Platinum in jewelry

26:51:00              Other usages for platinum 

27:28:00              Platinum vs. Gold $$$
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