Wood Fired Oven
Wood Fired Oven
Oct 3, 2021
Masterclass Interview - Adrian (a pizza making guru) from Ages Fire Kitchen chats about his amazing Wood Fired Oven journey.
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Join me for the first ever Wood Fired Oven Podcast interview! I am super excited to chat with Adrian - check out his Instagram profile @Agesfirekitchen. He is without doubt one of the most talented home pizza making cooks on Instagram! Check out his profile and enjoy some of the most perfect looking pizzas on the planet.

This interview is a Masterclass on how to make the very best Neapolitan pizza - right at home.  We also chat about his Zesti wood fired oven - including technical specs and customisation options,  and why he likes it so much. Join our discussion on the various woods he uses to light up his oven, why you might consider using diastatic malt in your pizza dough and why using a 70% biga preferment might just be the best way to make amazing pro class pizza!

We also talk about some amazing chefs and YouTube personalities who have influenced Adrian's wood fired oven journey. These include Clive - The Wood Fired Oven Chef (Youtube),  Italia Squisita (Youtube), Davide Civitello and Enzo Coccia from La Notizia.

Grab yourself a free copy of Adrian's amazing pizza making spreadsheet!
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This is one episode you do not want to miss. Join me in our extended interview for an amazing chat with Adrian as he shares some of his incredible wood fired oven and pizza making knowledge with you.

You can grab Adrians amazing pizza dough recipe at my website below.

Check out @Agesfirekitchen on instagram - do it right now.
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