My Vegan Personal Trainer
The podcast helping vegans and aspiring vegans live a plant-based fitness lifestyle, in order to thrive in life, while caring for the planet and animals. Discover how you can become a fit vegan with purpose, where mind, body & soul are aligned, so that you are the best, most authentic you in health, relationships, your career and life overall. I´m your host Rémi, a medical doctor, CrossFit athlete & 1-on-1 online personal trainer from Denmark, who has gone full time with his online personal training business in 2020, which was humbly founded in 2014 during my medical studies. I have been coaching clients internationally online & offline in a 1-on-1 setting, since 2016. Episodes will be presented with a holistic, scientific (evidence-based) and beginner-friendly approach, eliminating overwhelm & confusion, so that you will learn exactly what you need to thrive on vegan nutrition with a fit body. You will learn about topics like going vegan, optimizing your vegan diet, vegan protein sources, supplementation, meal prepping, building muscle, losing weight/fat, getting stronger, building endurance with cardio, getting rid of bad habits, becoming more productive, eliminating laziness, being a high-performer, cultivating a positive growth mindset and living life on your own terms, so you can lead a sustainable healthy & happy lifestyle, with purpose and impact. It will be a mix of solo shows and interviews. Hit subscribe and get ready to change your mindset, change your life.
My Vegan Personal Trainer
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