Enduring The Badge
Enduring The Badge
Aug 18, 2021
First Responder Sleep Recovery
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In this episode, we discuss..

  1. How First Responder Sleep Recovery started (1:40)

  2. Sean, how did how did she inspire you to like move forward to create this, this company in on this get on this journey of helping first responders out?” (4:42)

  3. The importance of sleep (9:34)

  4. “And when we take away sleep, we're taking away the tools that our body has to defend against and prevent the onset of all of the leading causes of first responder mortality from metabolic disease to cardiovascular disease to suicidal ideation and action and even cancer.” (11:23)

  5. “But what if I'm like that guy that like, well, I need four hours, because that's just the four hours I just been, I've been doing that for 30 years. Now. That's all I need.” (11:34)

  6. “You know, when I met Jacqueline, I thought everything was great. I felt strong, I felt energetic. I felt like I was getting a lot accomplished. But it took somebody with an outside perspective to look at me and say, like, You're, you're not doing as good as you think you are.” (12:37)
  7. A 3000 year old sleep practice, Nidra Yoga- asleep based meditation essentially helps you turn off the busy, busy brain and just drop into a deep restorative sleep (14:32) and (26:27)

  8. Are taking sleeping pills and other sleep suppressants just masking the sleeping problems? (18:20)

  9. “Sleep is a super active process. From the time we wake up in the morning, every action that we take is going to play a role in the quality of our sleep from the beginning of the day until it's time to lay down at night.” (21:13)


  1. “The focus that we set out to kind of build the program around was looking at how we utilize this practice to optimize the quality of sleep, not just the quantity of sleep.” (31:39)

  2. Class and teaching setup of First Responder Sleep Recovery (32:55)

  3. Benefits of blue blocking glasses, alcohol free night cap, and tart cherry juice (41:59)

  4. How and where can people take First Responder Sleep Recovery (46:29)
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