EP 27: Be a Yes
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Today’s episode marks the beginning of a four-part series. In this installment, we do a deep dive into one of the topics that we found to be most helpful and relevant in the book Being of Power by Baron Baptiste. Avery, Lucy, and Jamie explore “Being a Yes” or “being confident in your ability to turn difficulty into possibility.” We talk about what can get in the way of “being a yes” and focus on a step-by-step strategy to "Be a Yes."

Note: No prior reading/knowledge of this book is required to enjoy and benefit from this episode. 

“Being a Yes” exercise:

1.    Choose an area of your life where you feel stuck or shut down. The first one that comes to mind is probably a good one to go with. 

2.    Take out a piece of paper and write down the negative thoughts about that part of your life: worries, concerns, complaints. Don’t judge or filter, just tell the truth and get it down on paper. 

3.    Get really calm, notice your feet on the floor, and observe if there’s even a tiny sense of “something new is possible.” Write those thoughts down too. 

4.    Get clear on your intention. It may become clear just by writing and paying attention to your thoughts. If you need more clarity, you may ask yourself questions like: 

  • “What really matters to me in life?” 
  • “Who do I aspire to be?” 
  • “What do I value” 
  • “Who am I choosing to be for others and myself?”

5.    Commit to the intention. Write it down: I am going to do that. I am going to be that. 

6.    As you remain committed to the intention, pay attention to what takes you out of the intention. What is the resistance you are working against? “Our resistance dissolves by relaxing with what is and holding that space for something new to open up” (p.15).


Do try this at home:

  • Try the “Being a Yes” exercise
  • Quite often, we are wishy washy in our language, but there is power in declaration. Set your intention and say, “I am committed to…”  Drop the “I want” and instead say “I am.” 
  • To be courageous means to live with and from the heart. Practice living from the heart.
  • We would love to connect with you and hope you’ll check out our Facebook group!
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