UNBLOCKING TRAUMA: Releasing Stuck Pain & Coming Alive!
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Today, we’re joined by Deanna Hansen.

Deanna is the founder of Block Therapy and Fluid Isometrics and is also a certified athletic therapist.  For over 20 years, Deanna has helped thousands of people around the world heal from physical and emotional trauma through her programs, including her new 90-Day Trauma Relief program.

I only found out about this recently, I tried it, and it’s been mind-blowing for me – so I had to share it with you.

Block Therapy and Fluid Isometrics are approaches to softening and relieving the connective tissue of fascia throughout our bodies where pain and trauma have been stored—sometimes for decades. The fascial system connects the body from head to toe. In Block Therapy, we lie on a small therapeutically designed and crafted block of wood for a minimum of three minutes in various positions across the body. With gravity, body weight, and diagpramatic breathing, the block sinks deeply into the root of stuck tissue and trauma, releasing layers of restrictions that show up as physical and emotional health issues in our bodies and minds.

I’ve been blocking now for only about six weeks and it has been one of the most powerful and shifting practices I have ever felt to release the illness and tension and stress that I still feel in my physical and my mental being from my childhood of sexual abuse—and that so many of us still do.

That’s why I wanted to share this with you all and have Deanna as a guest, so you can decide if this feels right for you to try as another practice on your journey of healing and growth.

For more resources, visit www.OvercomingChildSexualAbuse.com and www.End1in4.org

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