Healthy Free Life Show
Katrina Sequenzia
“My people are sick and dying. I want you to teach them how to be healthy so they can live the life I have called them to live.” - God. Journal entry 2009. This is my mission. /// Hi. I’m Katrina Sequenzia. I was once a veggie-hating, dr. pepper-drinking, sugar-addicted, diseased, yo-yo dieter. BUT GOD. He brought me on a journey to get healthy and restore my temple, but with Him. He then gave me the mission to teach you how to do the same. That’s what the Healthy Free Life Show is all about - teaching you a NEW WAY to eat and live healthy, for the Glory of God. No more dieting, deprivation, or defeat. /// As a registered nurse and certified health coach, in the last decade, I have coached thousands of Christians just like you, helping them to transform their life and health by releasing burdens of excess weight, low energy, food fixation, and disease, and now they are free to fulfill their God-given purpose. /// So if you’re ready to get healthy and free so you can live that abundant life you’ve been promised, then take my hand, I’ll show you the Healthy Free Life Way. /// New episode released every Thursday. ///
Healthy Free Life Show
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