060: Milanda’s Story: Lost 70 Pounds (without a Thyroid!) and Got Her Life Back
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If you think you’re too unfit, too overweight, or too old for a Healthy Free Life to be possible for you… today’s special guest has two words for you: think again!

Listen in to this episode of Healthy Free Life as I bring you a glorious story of success by Milanda Reynolds, a Healthy Free Life student that lives all the way in Tasmania, Australia.

12 years ago, Milanda was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer and had to have her thyroid removed. After struggling with her weight for years up until that point, her thyroid removal created a cascade of consequences that put her into metabolic syndrome.

Her doctors said she no longer had a metabolism:

  • so she gained excess weight,
  • developed type 2 diabetes,
  • hypertension,
  • high cholesterol,
  • pain,
  • and kidney and liver disease.


She became isolated, depressed, and had low self-esteem. 

After starting her Healthy Free Life journey (The Academy + Metabolic Reboot Program) about a year and a half ago...

Milanda was able to:

  • heal her metabolism from the inside out,
  • shed 70+ pounds of unwanted weight,
  • ditch disease,
  • get off her medication,
  • and maintain her results.


“I definitely believe that God led me to Healthy Free Life.” – Milanda Reynolds


Her doctor didn’t think it was possible, but it was. Tune in to hear more about Milanda’s Healthy Free Life story and her miraculous results!


“I never tell people I’ve done the hard work. I did participate but God has done the hard work in changing me to have faith in Him that this body that He created, he can still perform miracles with it and I’ve got the doctor’s proof to know that.” – Milanda Reynolds


In this episode about Milanda, you’ll learn…

[00:32] About Milanda Reynolds.

[04:03] What Milanda’s life and health was like before Healthy Free Life.

[06:25] Why she started her Healthy Free Life journey.

[10:37] The lifestyle and diet changes that had the greatest impact on Milanda’s health.

[12:00] Milanda’s experience in the Metabolic Reboot Program + The results she experienced.

[15:17] How much weight have you lost over these last 18 months?

[17:38] Is this a sustainable lifestyle for you?

[20:15] What Milanda’s life is like now that she’s living a Healthy Free Life.

[22:58] Advice for people who want to start their own health journey.


Resources mentioned:

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