050: Deb's Story: At 70, Proves It's Never Too Late
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So many people think that it’s too late to change your habits and get healthy at 60 or 70 years old… but Deb is walking, thriving proof that it's never too late.

Deb's Story

This is a story of success by Deb Dicken, a Healthy Free Life student. Deb is 70 years young and lived most of her life on a diet. Her first attempt at dieting started at 17 years old and has since created a cycle of dieting, gaining and losing the same 50 pounds at least five times in her life.

She doesn’t even remember a time in her life that she wasn’t either on a diet or thought that she should be on one… until now.

It's Never Too Late

Last year, everything changed when she said, "Yes!" to her Healthy Free Life journey.

Deb was exhausted, in pain, and struggled with insomnia. She battled a sugar addiction which caused her to binge eat, especially the day before starting a diet. Just ten months after becoming a Healthy Free Life student, Deb has lost 40 pounds and truly believes she will never regain it because of her newfound lifestyle.


“I feel like if I don’t lose any more weight from now, which I know I’m going to, I’m still okay and that was a long time coming.” – Deb Dicken


Deb shares her journey and her most helpful tips for getting and staying healthy later in life!


“It’s not work. I think the difference is it’s not another job, it’s a way of life, and so you don’t ever give up on a way of life.” – Deb Dicken


In this episode about Deb's story, you’ll learn…

[00:34] Introducing Deb Dicken.
[03:36] What Deb’s life and health was like before Healthy Free Life, when she was dieting.
[07:58] Why she started her Healthy Free Life journey.
[12:14] Lifestyle and diet changes that are impacting Deb’s health the most.
[18:00] Incredible results and wins she’s experienced in just 10 months.
[23:24] How she changed her eating habits.
[25:52] What Deb’s life is like now that she’s living a Healthy Free Life.
[27:29] Wise advice for people who want to start their own health journey.


Are you ready to put God at the center of your health journey and to finally achieve your health and wellness goals? Join me every week to learn how!


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