049: Why Your Body Fights Weight Loss [The Law of Metabolic Compensation]
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One of the keys to successful, sustainable weight loss is understanding your metabolism, especially what happens to the metabolism when you diet. When it comes to metabolism, there are several "Laws" and many "Rules." Our goal is to teach these to you over the course of time so that you can become a metabolic expert.

The Law of Metabolic Compensation

In this episode, we talk about the Law of Metabolic Compensation. Trust us; it sounds more complicated than it is.

We break down the two components of metabolic compensation so you can understand what happens to your body and your metabolism when you choose to diet or restrict calories.

We discuss the right way to create a healthy calorie deficit and the role of exercise in metabolic compensation and weight loss.

Then, Chris shares a tangible tip you can use to benefit your metabolism today!

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In this episode about Metabolic Compensation, you’ll learn…

[02:10] What happens to the body and metabolism when you diet.

[04:37] Quick Recap: What is the metabolism?

[10:44] What is a calorie deficit and how do you create one?

[12:06] What is metabolic compensation? + The two components of metabolic compensation.

[22:59] Can exercise alone create a calorie deficit?

[27:39] How the metabolism compensates for energy inputs (food).

[36:15] Here are the key takeaways and tips…



Resources mentioned:

Join the Metabolic Reboot waitlist: https://healthyfreelife.com/reboot

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