031: How to Stay Motivated in Your Weight Loss Journey (especially when you've gained weight)
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Staying motivated in your weight loss journey can be such a struggle if the number on the scale doesn't go down as much as you hoped. Or worse, it goes up. Amiright?

Join me in this #AskKatrina episode where I answer one of the most frequently asked questions about getting healthy and losing weight.


Sue: "I recently watched all of the Conquer Your Cravings videos.  I was doing really well eating "God's Glorious Foods" until I took the next step of weighing and measuring.  I was hoping to have lost weight, but I gained!  It COMPLETELY derailed me.  I have lost motivation.  Does this sound crazy?  Please help!"


How to Stay Motivated

In this podcast episode, I share my honest thoughts on what to do when you gain weight or lose motivation during your weight loss journey. I highlight 14 key concepts to keep in mind while pursuing a healthy free life. And most importantly I give you the encouragement and motivation to keep doing the thing.


“We are learning to eat and live God’s way, not man’s, and do it for God’s glory, not ours.”


Listen in to learn examples of non-scale victories that will help you stay motivated, why weight gain isn’t always a negative thing, how to measure fat loss without a scale, and more!

In this episode about How to Stay Motivated, you’ll learn…

[01:53] Today’s Question: How do I get motivated again after losing motivation in my weight loss journey?

[03:26] 1. The Healthy Free Life Way is not a diet.

[04:50] 2. Losing weight and getting healthy is not just about food.

[07:19] 3. This process is a long-term journey, not a quick fix.

[10:10] 4. Weight gain is not always a negative thing.

[12:01] 5. Temple restoration and healing from disease take time.

[17:06] 6. The goal is fat loss, not weight loss. & The problem with fad diets.

[19:33] 7. If you focus on weight as your only measure of success, you will fail.

[21:09] 8. It is okay it ditch the scale on your weight loss journey.

[25:10] 9. TRUST the process, do not give up

10. Leave the results to the Lord.

[26:25] 11. If God has called you to it, you’ve got to do it.

12. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

[27:50] 13. You are a threat to the enemy.

[28:51] 14. Await the breakthrough.


Remember, your worth is not determined by a number on a scale and we have to celebrate each and every victory, no matter how small.



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