027: How to Stop Sugar Cravings - Part 1
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Do you wish you could stop sugar cravings? You’re not the only one! Join me in this episode as I shed light on the reality of sugar and its toxic effects on the body, mind, and spirit.

I share a simple strategy that will help you become more mindful of your sugar consumption, begin to cut back on sugar and live a more healthy free life.

You’ll gain insight into the connection between diet and disease, how the US government and food industry have failed in keeping us healthy, and the first step you can take today to kick your sugar cravings to the curb.

“This is a substance we do not need. It’s not required for life… Our ancestors couldn’t get their hands on sugar as we can… What they consumed in one year, we are now consuming in 1-2 weeks.” - Katrina

We are suffering from diseases that our ancestors never did and they’re directly linked to sugar consumption. Your diet is one of the most powerful keys to healing from the diseases and illnesses you’re struggling with or could struggle with in the future. What you eat matters and the choice is in your hands!


In this episode about How to Stop Sugar Cravings (part 1), you’ll learn…

[00:00] Mistakes people make when it comes to sugar.

[01:47] The reality of sugar consumption in the US: Recommended daily limit vs. How much we actually eat.

[04:20] Sugar is directly linked to countless preventable diseases.

[05:20] Where is all this sugar coming from? + Problems with the food industry and dietary guidelines.

[8:36] How sugar affects the body, mind, and soul in the short term and long term.

[15:24] What you can start doing today to conquer your sugar cravings: Start tracking how much sugar you’re eating.

[18:11] Is food preventing you from living a healthy free life? Tune in to part 2!


Are you ready to put God at the center of your health journey and to finally achieve your health and wellness goals? Join me every week to learn how!


Resources mentioned:

Episode 028: How to Stop Sugar Cravings - Part 2 (coming Wednesday, October 6th)

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