025: 3 Exercise Mistakes to Avoid
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Truth: We've all made exercise mistakes. Us included. The latest research studies about exercise are showing that what we learned in the '80s and '90s about exercise is wrong. The problem is that most of us still believe what they told us decades ago... and the result is we aren't getting slimmer and healthier. We've gotten fatter and more unhealthy. And frustrated. Am I right?

This doesn't mean we stop exercising. It means we learn and embrace what the latest research on exercise is showing. And then we need to correct our thinking and actions and use exercise to achieve the results we are after.

3 Exercise Mistakes and How to Correct

The proven benefits of exercise go deeper than you think. Join me in this episode of Healthy Free Life Show as I welcome Chris Sequenzia, Physical Therapist (and my husband), to talk about the 3 most common, yet surprising mistakes people make when exercising. Most importantly we talk about how to correct these mistakes.

Chris and I share the scientific research behind the wide range of benefits of physical activity so that you can learn how exercise fits into your healthy, free life.

You’ll gain insight into the glorious truth about:

  • your metabolism
  • the ideal frequency and duration of physical activity
  • the role of stress and hormones in weight gain
  • and much more!


“It absolutely is possible to experience results when you use exercise the right way.”


We all make mistakes, that’s how we learn and grow as human beings! With over 70% of US adults overweight and the numbers rising in children, we must correct our exercise mistakes if we are to keep ourselves and our children healthy and happy.

Remember, we are holding your hands through this journey to a healthy, free life!

 In this episode about 3 Exercise Mistakes, you’ll learn…

[01:04] About Chris.

[03:17] The evolution of exercise (leotards and leg warmers anyone?) & The reasons why people exercise.

[07:35] Mistake #1: Using exercise to burn calories and speed up the metabolism. (AKA doing the wrong exercises.)

[15:31] How exercise benefits your metabolism.

[19:07] The 80/20 rule for a healthy, sustainable diet.

[19:34] How hormones affect the body & Why muscle is a vital part of longevity and health.

[29:16] Mistake #2: Missing where exercise fits within a healthy lifestyle. 

[37:03] Workout recommendations for post-menopausal women. (This is when exercise is MOST important in life!)

[39:27] Mistake #3: Never creating a lasting habit of exercise. 


Resources mentioned:

Episode 017: Chris' Journey to Health


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