017: Chris' Journey to Health (Katrina's Husband's Story)
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How does a "husky" boy become a master of menopause (a metabolic expert) with a true heart to help others succeed in their health journey? I talk with my husband, Chris, who is our resident physical therapist and strength coach here at Healthy Free Life. He is also a metabolism expert. He does all sorts of things behind the scenes to help support this ministry. I can’t wait for you to get an inside scoop into what made him the man I love so much and the man who has such a heart to help others lose weight, ditch disease, and live healthy and free.

“I think that people need to understand that neither of us has arrived in various areas of our health. And so this is a lifelong journey.” - Katrina 

In this episode, I’m talking to Chris all about his journey to health. He...… 

02:49 Shopped in the “husky” section as a kid.

03:11 Identifies two roots of his weight issues.

06:47 Lived through high school because of sports.

08:10 Gained 50+ pounds in college.

09:15 Began to have other health issues.

10:08 Became an all or nothing, unhealthy dieter

13:36 Felt like an imposter at work as a physical therapist.

14:08 Became a sickly marathon runner until hitting a wall. 

18:10 Did one more extreme diet, and had an epiphany. 

19:39 Began to listen to Katrina’s health teachings and make changes personally.

20:41 Decided to scientifically figure out why certain people had stubborn weight.

23:17 Studied to be a master of metabolism.

24:22 Truly confesses his current success and continual journey.


Resources mentioned:

Episode 003: Katrina’s Journey to Health


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Until next week... bye for now. - Katrina

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