014: Drink Water for Weight Loss: Could it be This Simple?
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Today’s episode is all about one of the simplest actions you can take to become healthier and lose weight. And guess what… you can easily do it today. I’m going to be talking about one of the first healthy habits I have ALL my students start with on the Healthy Free Life Way journey. It is incredibly important and often simply overlooked because most people focus on what they are eating, or maybe exercise. But this is incomplete. We must take a full body-mind-spirit approach to health so that we can actually achieve the results we are after - like ditching disease, losing weight, conquering cravings, and getting healthy so that we can live abundantly. We must incorporate all 7 healthy habits into our daily life in order to achieve and maintain a healthy life. 

In this episode, you'll discover...

  • 01:39 One of the easiest healthy habits- water.
  • 02:37 Why you should drink water.
  • 03:28 Amazing benefits of drinking pure water.
  • 05:13 How much water you should drink.
  • 06:01 Determining your unique hydration point.
  • 07:14 Baby-stepping your way there.
  • 08:38 Your first water drinking goal.
  • 10:37 Why morning water?

Links mentioned in this episode:

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Until next week... bye for now. 


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