013: Get Back on Track with These 6 Simple Steps
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Fallen off the wagon? Need to get back on track?  I'm going to be giving you my simple, six-step plan for getting back on track because listen, we're gonna fall off track. This journey to a healthy, free life is not some magical journey that we take on which we just take one step forward after each last step forward, and then we perfectly get there, without ever falling…

In this episode, you'll learn...

00:53 The reality of steps forward and steps back.

01:00 How making mistakes is part of the process.

02:55 Step number one: pray and repent.

03:24 Step number two: accept grace.

04:17 Step number three: reconnect with your why.

06:06 Step number four: list what was going well before.

07:41 Step number five: pick one thing.

8:25 Step number six: go do the thing.

"We must extend [God's] grace to ourselves that God extended to us. He has forgiven you. Who are we to not extend that grace to ourselves. We must realize that we have to walk in grace, that we can leave it all behind because if we don't accept the grace that God has given us, then we will walk forward in defeat and continue the cycle of making wrong choices." - Katrina

Resources Mentioned in Episode:

Episode 002: Invite God Into Your Health Journey

Episode 009: What is Your Why?

Episode 005: How to Get Motivated When You Don't Feel Like It

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Until next week... bye for now. 


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