EP: 29 With Mpange Chansa
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'If you don't try, you'll never know. Take the risk'
- Mpange Chansa
Hey P.U.S.H Project PodCast Family! :)

Please welcome Mpange Chansa, from Zambia Africa, to the OFFICIAL start, and Episode 29, of Season 2 of The 'P.U.S.H' Project PodCast.

In this Episode, we talk about Mpange about his musical abilities as a Singer/Songwriter, as well as his profession as a Medical Assistant.

Mpange talks about the special message in each of the songs that he writes, as they come from the heart, they're a piece and part, and an extension, to who he is a human being.

Mpange shares about WHY music is so important in his life, and talks a little bit about how music is so much a part of who he is, that he breaks out singing at any time, anywhere, and talks about his dream of someday recording one of his songs or a CD.

He talks about going into Medicine, and being in the medical field, and shares about his realization as a young person that he wanted to help people through medicine.

Mpange shares some of his challenges in getting through Medical School, and needing to create studying mechanisms, and strategies, that would allow him to remember things, as well as put in a lot of extra time in order to learn everything that he needed to learn.

One of his strategies, having a photographic memory, was visualization, and creating specific mental pictures to help him remember.

He also tried lots of different things like figuring out if he should study before he went to sleep, or when he wakes up, or if he should study alone, or with a group of people.

He expresses how challenging it was, but what a HUGE accomplishment it has been.
Mpange talks about how hard work is one of the biggest reasons that he's been able to graduate, and be successful in becoming a Medical Assistant.
 The 'P.U.S.H' Project Podcast
(People, United for Spina Bifida, and Hydrocephalus)
A Song, A City

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