How To Be Smarter About Protein Intake With Dr. Nick Burd
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Dr. Nick Burd, PhD, is a skeletal muscle physiologist with an expertise in protein metabolism and exercise. In this episode, Dr. Burd discusses the importance of maintaining muscle mass as we age, expressing that “strong is the new healthy.” 

While adequate protein intake is an important aspect of gaining muscle and maintaining healthspan, many people in the US actually over consume protein. In this discussion, Dr. Burd talks about how much protein we truly need, whether or not there is an optimal time to consume protein after exercise, and how to best distribute protein intake throughout the day. He explains why consuming protein from food sources rather than as a powder may be better for muscle growth, and shares why protein is critical for endurance athletes. 

Episode timestamps: 

  • Introduction: (0:00–1:50) 
  • Why Dr. Burd became a scientist (1:50–4:00)
  • The three types of muscle (4:00–5:00) 
  • How much of our muscle mass is skeletal muscle? (5:00–5:40)
  • How obesity impacts muscle mass (5:40–8:16)
  • What is a DEXA scan (8:16–10:30) 
  • Benefits of exercise on skeletal muscle (10:30–14:00) 
  • Sedentary behavior is detrimental to muscle tissue (14:00–19:00)
  • “Strong is the new healthy” (19:00–20:00)
  • Skeletal muscle and metabolic health (20:00–22:00)
  • Many people over consume protein (22:00–26:50)
  • Is there an optimal time to consume protein after exercise? (26:50–31:30) 
  • Protein powders vs. whole food sources of protein (31:30–35:50) 
  • Distribution of protein throughout the day (33:50–45:34)
  • Why protein is important for endurance athletes (45:34–51:20) 
  • Protein needs for different ages, ethnicities, and gender (51:20–55:20)
  • Resistance training in post menopausal women (55:20–1:01:00)
  • Top tip for healthspan (1:01:00–end) 

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