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High Low Brow
Jun 26, 2022
Is There A Reason Why Millennials Are So Obsessed with Astrology with Writer + Astrologer Jeanna Kadlec
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We're at the end of Pride Month and wow, what a Pride Month it has been. The U.S. Supreme Court justice just overturned Roe vs Wade and there are rumblings that same-sex marriages are next. 👀😡 Wow, we hate it here, officially.

So perhaps to get our minds off things, it's time for our latest episode. It's our next installment in this month's all Pride-related content! 🌈✨🌈 This week's episode focuses on why millennials (specifically queer millennials) are so obsessed with astrology. We decided to invite on to High Low Brow one of our favourite writers and astrologers, Jeanna Kadlec.  The creator of the newsletter, Astrology for Writers and author of the upcoming novel, Heretic (to be released in October 2022) - we chat with Kadlec about astrology as a form of social, cultural currency in the queer community.

Throughout the episode, we try to unpack the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to the cosmos: 

  • The power of astrology and how in some instances it is replacing religion
  • How do some people use astrology as a crutch to replace their problematic behaviour  
  • How can astrology be political
  • Are astrological memes and other social media tropes hurtful or harmful to those looking for guidance?
  • Is there a reason why traditional astrology is so fucking gendered?
  • Are tarot, astrology, and witchcraft the same? Why do people often get these confused?
  • Then we take a quick break for a segment where Ama chats with Mecca Woods, a New York City-based astrologer, and horoscopes and astro-guidance have appeared in places like Bustle and Essence, as well as on TLC. Mecca chats with Ama about the ethics of astrology and why we need to respect it. 
  • Finally, we play a game where we take a Buzzfeed quiz to figure out if it can ACCURATELY figure out what our astrology sign is based on random questions it asks us. The answers may shock you! 


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