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High Low Brow
May 1, 2022
Notes on Camp - The Wrestling Episode with Masterchef Canada winner and pro wrestler Jennifer E. Crawford
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Oh hi, we're so happy to see you're back! We are dropping episode 5 of S2 today, and it's a fun one! For this week's episode, we are exploring the gay history of wrestling and how it's really a form of athletic storytelling or heck, performance art akin to drag. To take us through the history and make a case for why this matters, Nova-Scotia-based winner of Masterchef Canada and pro wrestler Jennifer E. Crawford talks us through everything and shares with us their story of how they developed Moon Miss, their wrestling persona. Throughout the episode we also discuss: 

  • How wrestling is the purest iteration of camp
  • How wrestling can foster a deep curiosity about our bodies and their relationship to them
  • OK, but are drag and wrestling really that similar?
  • Then to follow up with that, Ama has a segment with Eric Shorey aka DJ Accident Report, a Brooklyn-based freelance pop culture journalist who is one-third of The Nobodies, a supergroup with a penchant for pro-wrestling, and we discuss how wrestling has become queerer
  • Just how safe can the wrestling community be for queer folks?
  • Finally, all three of us play a game where Ama and Ameema try to create their own wrestling personas and Jennifer helps them create a backstory

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