The Spiritual Cafe
The Spiritual Cafe
Feb 20, 2022
Kayt Raymond Talks To Angels Part One
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The Spiritual Cafe

Ejay SoulGuide Talks To Kayt Raymond Who Talks To Angels

imagine this for a  conversation when your boyfriends meets your parents for the first time. "Mum, dad this is James"
"Hello Mr and Mrs Unwoke, pleased to meet you" says James
"Pleased to meet you James," says Mrs Unwoke
"Hello young man," says Mr Unwoke "Charmed, I'm sure"
"So Penny says you are very special. James what do you do?" Asks Mrs Unwoke
wait for it.
"I speak to Angels. I am an Angel Consultant."
In some peoples world this is science fiction, however, in Kayt Raymonds world it is fact.  Kayt tell us of her journey from Corporate to consecrate.

Her gentle soul still intrigued and excited about talking to the most well known and well recognised ArchAngels and a chorus of others divine Angelic beings.  Kayt brings her unique presective to the table in the Spiritual Cafe, allowing herself to be vunerable and open about what she can do and the messages and comfort she brings to others. 

She is gentle and polite, approachable and with her background in the corporate business environment anticipates your needs for an easier line of communication.
So if you are Mr or Mrs Awakening or Mr and Mrs Unwoke sit right back, that right just a little further and enjoy part one of this fascinating journey.

Ejay SoulGuides’ Deck of Animal Guidance and Aspects Oracle Cards:

These unique deck of cards Animal Guidance and Animal Aspects are available  by clicking on this link below.  As part of your journey remember to feed back your divine experiences with them to me at and I will include it in my podcast.


Gosh  funny thing is the shadow aspect was how I used to be, you know and that is what I have been working on this time to basically avoid that energy as it say here, best to avoid this energy at all cost becasue the cost is too high. Yep so true so yes. They are beautiful cards, absolutely beautiful, i love the artistry, the silver on the sides is a really lovely touch, i like the lion faces on the front of the box. It looks like star dust. It's beautiful absolutely beautiful.


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