On Grief, Rebellion, and Being Inspired By Nature with Jamie Miller
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In this conversation, we speak with engineer, entrepreneur, teacher and my good friend, Dr. Jamie Miller, about shifting our consciousness and the way we see and interact with the world using nature as our guide.  Jamie is the founder of an award-winning company, Biomimicry Frontiers which is leading the world in transforming how we think, behave and create from a paradigm that is inspired by nature.

This is a raw and honest conversation about what connects us, about our grief and our vulnerabilities. It’s a conversation about what is offered when we can slow down and listen deeply.  Ultimately, this is a conversation about what makes us human.

In this episode we talk about:

Spirituality - exploring and redefining it so it fits our own values.
Nature - what we can learn from it about cooperation, living in community, and our capitalistic culture.
Slowing down - the gift that comes from deep reflection and going inward.
Vulnerability - the role it plays in helping us to actualize our calling and what we care deeply about.
Fear - choosing it, using it as our guide and as an indicator when we’re getting close to our edge and leading with our purpose.
Disruptions and rebellions - going against the status quo. Proving that we don’t have to follow the highway to be successful.
Death - how the premature death of a parent has been a major driver to be in service to a vision bigger than ourselves.
Grief - It never leaves us. It morphs, changes and evolves.

Get Into Action Around What's Important To You:

If you’re someone who is creative and driven and is longing to bring a vision into the world but is being stopped by 

  • overwhelm
  • perfectionism
  • fear of it not working
  • fear of what others will think
  • or just plain unsure where to even being

Its time to get into action to fully play in life, to bring your vision to fruition, and to gain the clarity you crave and begin to transition into living a more inspired and fulfilled life. Check it out here. 

Become A Guest:

Do you have a suggestion for a Disruptor your know (it may be you!) who would be a great guest on the Disruptions With Purpose podcast?   Submit a suggestion.


The adaptive cycle and why we avoid change (and how nature could teach us to change)

Exploring the connection of death and environmental degradation

A toolkit for exploring nature's genius www.asknature.org

Biomimicry Frontiers www.biomimicryfrontiers.com

Braiding Sweetgrass

About Jamie:
By his nature, Jamie Miller is fundamentally looking to explore while he's on this planet. Whether it be philosophies, ideas, death or in nature, he appreciates finding boundaries and seeing if we can push just a little bit further into that unknown. It's no surprise that he named his company Biomimicry Frontiers, a company dedicated to pushing the perception of design, using nature as a model and measure to reharmonize the built and natural environments. Jamie lives in Guelph with his wife and child (and one on the way). 

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