Wingmen Show
Drew Brown and Paul Thompson
Two Dope Boys in a Navy jet. The Wingmen Show is a weekly podcast about challenges and opportunities in everyday life. Your hosts are two guys born in Harlem, New York previously unknown to each other. Separately, they became Navy pilots flying high performance jet aircraft on and off of aircraft carriers patrolling the world’s oceans. Their paths did not cross formally until they ended up flying for the same airline after their active-duty military service had ended. They have a wide range of experiences spanning the worlds of basketball and boxing. Drew’s father is Drew Bundini Brown, Muhammad Ali’s Wingman and coined the iconic phrase “Float Like A Butterfly Sting, Like A Bee". Martial Arts and Show Business are also areas of mutual interest. Drew has been featured nationally on television programs such as the Donahue Show and the Today Show. He has also appeared in hundreds of newspapers and magazines. Both are published authors as well as former Navy jet pilots and Commercial Airline Pilots; they retired after having flown the Boeing 777 airliner. The cultural mix of religions, immigrant parents and grandparents from Europe and the Caribbean gives them an uncommon perspective on racial matters. Melding the cultures of New York City, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Memphis, the Caribbean and Atlanta has helped shape their worldview when combined with the life they have seen and experienced having flown extensively to countries throughout the world.They are wingmen to each other, providing advice, guidance and constructive criticism when needed. The goal of the show is to inspire and entertain those unafraid to expand their minds and perhaps learn something new in the hope that the listeners can become wingmen to others. Each one, teach one.
Wingmen Show
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