The Bigger Picture
The Bigger Picture
May 28, 2021
Ep. 8 - Nir Minerbi & Amir Naveh: Quantum Computing, Founding a Start-Up, & Work-Life Balance
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Nir Minerbi and Amir Naveh are two of the founders of a quantum computing company called Classiq. 

So it turns out, quantum computing is a thing. Quantum computing is an exciting new approach that integrates computers as we know them today with the principles of quantum physics.  

An important distinction between the classic Newtonian physics and quantum physics is that, in Newtonian physics, things are considered causal, meaning, one thing causes the other. So if we have complete knowledge of the past, that means that we can compute the future, and vice versa. But in quantum physics, things get a little more complicated. Objects, such as atoms, are neither particles nor waves, but instead, are a weird combination of the two. We can’t be 100% certain where things actually are and how they move. So in this paradigm, if we have complete knowledge of the past, we can only make probabilistic predictions of the future. And so quantum computing introduces this probability factor into the mix.

The way regular computers are built today, the entire system is built on the binary code, just a string of ones and zeros can make everything that our laptops and phones do possible. In quantum computing, things get a little more complicated. Because we no longer have ones and zeros, but instead, the entire machinery is based on probabilities. Sounds like science fiction, I know.

Nir and Amir did an amazing job in simplifying this complex topic, starting from a background of how quantum physics evolved, to the emerging industry of quantum computing, and the role they hope their company Classiq will play in this new field.  We also got into their journey being founders of a start-up, and spoke at length about their philosophies around work-life balance, personal growth, and how to cultivate a company culture of family and excellence. 


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