Toasted Earth
Toasted Earth
Jun 30, 2021
Recyclops: Ryan Smith
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In this episode, we have Ryan Smith, the founder and CEO of Recyclops. Recyclops is bringing affordable recycling to all, regardless of where people live, by offering monthly subscriptions for recycling pickups at your curbside or doorstep.

“We don’t have to do what’s best dollar bill wise for the company, we have to do what’s best mission-wise for the company.”- Ryan Smith [27:59]

What You Will Learn:

·       [1:12] How Ryan spotted a recycling problem and found a simple tech solution. 

·       [3:51] How he actualized the idea of providing recycling in apartment complexes.

·       [6:40] Ways that Recyclops has had to shift as a business to scale and keep its mission. 

·       [12:36] Statistics on the cities and homes that lack recycling across the country. 

·       [16:52] How Ryan expanded his business to many cities, states, and big corporations.

·       [19:42] How they partner with local households and drivers to make work easier and expand the business.

·       [23:42] How they impact carbon emission and footprint by not using garbage trucks.  

·       [29:14] Why more business in Ryan’s line of work means doing more environment good. 

·       [34:12] The sustainability mission of Recyclops to serve underserved areas and communities. 

·       [39:05] How the future possibilities can impact Recyclops’ business growth.

·       [42:40] How to impact your local area recycling by signing up with Recyclops. 

·       [44:58] Ryan hopes that the future can make sustainability simple.

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