Toasted Earth
Toasted Earth
Jun 16, 2021
Enervee: Matthias Kurwig
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In this episode of Toasted Earth, we have Matthias Kurwig, the founder and CEO of Enervee, talk about the value of efficient appliances. Enervee has created a suite of software applications and services designed to drive energy-smart buying decisions. Their mission is to empower consumers to make better choices for themselves and the environment.

Listen in to learn the importance of having a streamlined subsidized lending service to enable affordable efficient appliances replacement, especially after the pandemic. 

What You Will Learn:

·       [1:01] How Matthias was inspired by his past business experience to start Enervee. 

·       [2:10] Why the founding idea of Enervee was getting people to do the right thing intentionally or not.

·       [6:34] How they utilized the available energy data to actualize the idea of efficient appliances.

·       [10:20] He describes the team they started with and the overall product website. 

·       [13:31] The different energy efficiency lessons they’ve learned to improve Enervee for consumers.

·       [18:53] How they pivoted the market and partnered with utilities to improve energy efficiency. 

·       [23:20] He explains their other two product lines also geared towards energy efficiency.

·       [2633] Enervee’s efforts towards efficient appliances affordability. 

·       [33:54] Why they stick with projects that align with their mission even when it’s tough.

·       [36:24] The different future growth strategies Enervee’s looking at as a company. 

·       [40:48] How they work with direct to consumers vs. under the utility program.

·       [41:53] The different ways you as a consumer can help Enervee be more successful. 

·       [43:10] The importance of taming our consumption desires to protect the environment. 

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