Toasted Earth
Toasted Earth
Jun 16, 2021
Retykle: Sarah Garner
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In this episode of Toasted Earth, we have Sarah Garner talk about her sustainability efforts in reselling kids’ clothes. Sarah is the founder and CEO of Retykle, an innovative luxury resale e-commerce platform making buying and selling great quality children's wear convenient. It drives a circular economy where parents can buy and resell designer babies, kids, and maternity clothing. 

Listen in to learn the importance of a circular economy that promotes recycling and environmental sustainability. You will also learn the importance of being certifiable as a company to be accountable for sustainability. 

What You Will Learn:

·       [0:57] Sarah on her career in luxury fashion before transitioning to circular fashion.

·       [3:41] The wastefulness and overconsumption caused by constant buying of kid’s clothing.

·       [5:44] How she executed the idea of reselling kid’s clothing by creating an eCommerce experience.

·       [10:36] The process of buying, selling, and reselling kid’s clothing with Retykle.

·       [11:58] How they’re tracking the environmental impact of their circular economy business.

·       [13:09] The impact of cheap fashion and overproduction of inventory on the environment.

·       [16:14] Some other companies that are using the circularity model. 

·       [18:02] Why Retykle chose to sell vs. rent with their model.

·       [21:24] How they’re measuring and incorporating many environmentally friendly practices. 

·       [22:42] The importance of being certifiable to be accountable for sustainability.

·       [24:20] How to be climate neutral certified- accounting for your business operation carbon output. 

·       [26:56] Sarah on Retykle’s future scalability and sustainability plans. 

·       [30:31] How they utilize tech to minimize processing time and touch time. 

·       [32:11] How to contribute to sustainable fashion as opposed to fast fashion. 

·       [35:03] Why we need to be accountable and give back rather than dispose.

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