Truth Behind UFOs, ETs and Starseeds
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Our guest this week is an astrophotographer who during the covid time, started getting visited by……UFOs. Having collected a massive amount of evidence that UFOs are REAL, she now knows what these ETs look like, and most importantly…how to make contact with them.  She’s even become a channel for the messages that these star beings are sending us….they’ve taught her TONS about the truth behind the universe, spirituality, how to develop psychic gifts and what it truly means to be “human”.4/20/2022The Skeptic MetaphysicianTruth Behind UFOs, ETs and Starseeds"People have profound experiences after coming in contact with UFO's and it can turn your psychic abilities online."--Lily NovaSome topic covered:- The evidence she has collected to support that UFOs are real- The story of her first and subsequent encounters with UFOs and the beings that are behind them- What real ETs look like, how they communicate and why they're here and what they really want- Where they really come from and what life is like there- How many different types of ETs there are- Why some people will never see a UFO (and why some see them often)- Why the government is keeping their existence from us- What the connection between ETs and our "missing link" is- How her encounters with UFOs and ETs have deepened her spirituality- How humans can initiate contact with them- What a CE5 event is and how you can experience oneAnd much more!Resources:Communion by Whitley StrieberAbout our Guest:Her journey as an Astrophotographer turned from fueling her passion and love for space in taking photos of the night sky, to being visited by extraterrestrials and documenting close encounters with UFO's. She now initiates contact with these other-worldly beings and has become a channel for their messages. They have taught her many curiosities of the universe, spirituality, how to develop psychic gifts, and what it truly means to be human. She's discovered so much about who we are, and where we are heading as a species.Guest Info:Website: https://www.LilyNovaSpaceArt.comInstagram: Tok: the show? We'd love to hear your thoughts!Please rate/review the show here: Metaphysician Info:Website: skepticmetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast
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