What Happens When We Die? A Near Death Experience Story
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"If you know and manifest that God is all forgiving and all loving, and that you're going to go to heaven, it's a slam dunk. Everybody goes, unless you choose not to."
--M.K. (Kathy) McDaniel

The Skeptic Metaphysician
What Happens When We Die? A Near Death Experience Story

Content Warning:  Please be advised that certain portions of this interview contain disturbing events that may trigger a listener who has experienced physical and/or sexual trauma.

The greatest mystery! What happens when we die? M.K. McDaniel believes that she was shown exactly what happens, when she underwent an induced coma in order to battle an illness. Her journey followed her closely held Catholic beliefs, only to reveal a surprising truth behind what awaits us in the afterlife, that completely upended her views on religion and so much more.

Info about our guest
M.K. McDaniel (known as Kathy to her friends) is the Author of MISFIT IN HELL TO HEAVEN EXPAT.

Dying from lung failure in 1999, she was placed on a ventilator and into a drug-induced coma.

A Disturbing Near-Death Experience occurred and, although mostly traumatic, the overwhelming bliss of Heaven shifted her religious beliefs to a deep spirituality.

Kathy credits hearing the stories of IANDS members for her eventual integration of the Disturbing NDE, and the ability to accept the mission that caused her reluctant return to Earth.

International Association for Near-Death Studies: iands.org

Guest Info:
Instagram: @kathymcdaniel.foxis
Facebook: @KathyMcDaniel.FoxIs
Twitter:  @MKMcDaniel3
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptI0LywPUj4&t=12s
Website:  misfitinhelltoheavenexpat.com
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/m-k-kathy-mcdaniel-3b3791200/

Skeptic Metaphysician Info:
Facebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysician
IG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast

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