How to Raise Your Vibrations for Happiness and Success
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"Your reality conforms to your definition of it. If you want the outside world to change, you have to start by looking within."

These days, the term “Raise your vibration”  is being thrown around a lot. You can’t refresh your social media account feeds without stumbling on someone else who is talking about how they were able to raise their vibration and speaking on the importance of raising your vibration.

But what exactly does that mean? How do you go about it? What are the benefits of doing that? And what does it have to do with time? Other dimensions? And conscious manifestation? 

 Well……today’s guest is here to lay all of our curiosities to rest! 

The conversation meanders from raising vibrational rates to achieve happiness and success to things like quantum jumping, the Law of Attraction and Manifesting, synchronicities and coincidences, philosophy and reference books like The Celestine Prophecy and The Secret!

If you've ever wondered how you can make tiny little changes in your life in order to achieve great things, not the least of which is to be truly happy....this conversation will give you at LOT to think about!

About my guest:
Miranda Hall empowers women to create a life of passion, purpose and freedom as a quantum based, intuitive Relationship Coach and Online Entrepreneur.

Miranda's approach combines her studies with the Cacao Shaman in Guatemala, Metaphysics, Quantum Theories, Shadow Work, Inner Child Work, Ancient Texts and Guided Visualizations to help you find your worth, voice, passion and purpose and to bring the relationship and freedom lifestyle of your dreams into reality.

Key Takeaways:
- Get into your heart
- The importance of gratitude
- Notice beauty
- Visualize the life you're creating
- Know that its ALREADY happened

Three steps to take:
- Follow your excitement
- Try as hard as you can to get as close as you can to that
- Don't be attached t the outcome

Things I learned during the interview:
- Its not about him/her
- That's not what its about
- It will not change until you look at what's really going on

Books to read:
The Celestine Prophecy
The Secret

Guest Info:
Facebook: @miranda.hall.1291
IG: @mirandabrookehall

Skeptic Metaphysician Info:
Facebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysician
IG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast

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