Runes - The Language of the Gods with Liz Simpson
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Metaphysics embodies so many things….its really a general term that tries to categorize things that are not in the scientific mainstream.

When you think of metaphysics, things like psychics, mediums, astral projection, auras and Tarot cards might come to mind. And you might be kinda sorta close to our next topic when you think about the tarot. 

 The art of reading runes goes back so far in time that its likely the oldest modality that we’ve tackled on this show. Runes are technically an ancient language used in the dark ages, that have been adopted by some to psychically guide their lives and the lives of others.

 Now the history of runes is hotly debated by historians and psychics alike, so my guest won’t be speaking to much about them…or if she does, it will be in the most general of senses. What she WILL be talking about is how she uses runes as a tool to connect people to their intuition. She uses them in readings (where she channels information from them) and in healings (where they often clarify or amplify other messages).

And folks….reading runes is just a small part of what my guest today does and I’m super excited to have her on the show today…..Liz Simpson from Ravens Eye Healing!

Liz is an intuitive practitioner with a passion for connecting people with the Earth and their higher selves. Her work is focused on using energetic & shamanic modalities to nurture the body and soul toward wholeness. She works to uncover and uproot patterns, wounds, and blockages in physical, energetic, and soul bodies using a variety of intuitive and ancient tools.

She began her journey with energy healing in 2015 when she trained as a yoga teacher in Rishikesh, India. Since then, she's grown on this path with additional yogic, reiki, and shamanic training. She's seeking to remember the Earth-honoring traditions, especially through her Celtic and Nordic lineages, and to remember her full purpose and identity as a Daughter of the Cailleach, as a starseed, and as a face of the Goddess.

Her clients are curious and seeking -- they don’t need to be familiar with intuition, reiki, tarot, past lives/other timelines, shamanism, crystals, or any of the modalities or ideas with which she works. 

Interested learning the Runes? This book may be a great pace to start:

Runes for Beginners: A Guide to Reading Runes in Divination, Rune Magic, and the Meaning of the Elder Futhark Runes

Looking for an introductory book on all things metaphysical? Check this one out:
Metaphysics: An Introduction

What ARE Runes:

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IG: @ravenseyehealing
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Facebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysician
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