Guided Meditation for Self Awareness ~ How To Become Self Aware
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10 Minute guided meditation for self awareness. Learn how to become self aware through the use of guided meditation. A gentle journey of self awareness to help you lean into your true potential and experience your life to the full.

Self awareness is a trait we all need more of. Unlike many other positive traits we're going after, self awareness is a more neutral state. What that means is that it's neither positive or negative, it is instead a state of being that allows us to view ourselves exactly as we are in our own lives. Learning to become more self aware takes time, mostly because it's hard to see the full picture when we're the ones inside the frame.

Guided meditation for self awareness, even something as short as 10 minutes can jump our minds forward in it's recognition of how we operate inside our own head. What this means is that the more self aware we become, the easier it is to progress and become even more self aware.

Now many people will confuse being self aware with being "realistic". But self awareness doesn't mean that we have to stop being positive or optimistic. It simply means that we're trying to become more aware of ourselves in various situations, how we're acting, what we're thinking and how that impacts ourselves and those around us.

You may think of self awareness as trying to become our higher self. That's a good way to look at it as it is only in reaching a greater level of self awareness that we can progress to become a higher or better version of ourselves.

Self awareness therefore is the basis of all meditation. With that being the case it makes complete sense that we use guided meditation to increase our self awareness. Just 10 minutes per day of meditation can help us radically increase our levels of self awareness throughout the rest of our day.

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