How to Meditate ~ 10 Minute Guided Meditation for Beginners
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How to meditate for beginners using simple and easy to follow methods. During this 10 minute guided meditation on how to meditate we're going to be going through some techniques designed with meditation for beginners in mind. 

Learning how to meditate can seem like a big task. You may be wondering how to meditate properly to get the full effects or if a quick meditation (as short as just 10 minutes) is enough to really see any meditation benefits at all. But believe me when I tell you guided meditation for beginners doesn't need to be an hour of silent enlightenment. Beginner meditation can be as simple as just a few minutes of mindfulness to help melt away the stresses of the day.

Mindfulness is our key to successful meditation for beginners. Short guided sessions of 10-20 minutes are all you need to begin to feel and see some of the benefits of meditation in action. Many people use meditation to help reduce anxiety, lower stress or even pull them out of depression. Using a guided meditation like this is an even easier way to get started because all you need to do is just find a quiet spot and listen along to what's being said.

Remember the goal doesn't have to be transcendent enlightenment. It can just be to improve your mindfulness, or relieve some stress. To bring a few minutes of calm into your mind or release tension from your body.

Learning how to meditate as a beginner you may think takes a lot of time. But that's only because of the expectations we put on ourselves to be experts from the start. Try to remember the goal is just to make it to the daily practice. To turn on the meditation and to do our best to make our way through it.

Let's not put targets to clear our mind or release all our tension from our body. These aren't the right ideas when approaching a meditation. The only targets are to try our best in the moment and to stay present. Some days will be tough, some days will be more challenging or distracting. These aren't bad days, these are just more opportunities to practice the qualities of mindfulness and presence.

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