Positive Meditation ~ Mindful Meditation for Positive Energy
Play • 10 min

This short 10 minute guided positive meditation has been designed to help increase your positive thinking. Simple meditation techniques for mindfulness in a short session to help you naturally increase your own positive energy. 

Positive energy, positive affirmations and positive thinking all have one thing in common (apart from being positive of course!). Their connection is that they are all ways in which to change how you feel about yourself, others, your life and situations you're in.

Trying to shift your mind to a more positive state isn't always easy, especially during challenging times. But using a guided meditation for positive energy, through affirmations and visualization can help sky rocket your positive thinking abilities in as little as a few minutes. Sometimes just being able to spend a few minutes listening to a different way of thinking can help you shift your focus and develop a more positive attitude and energy from inside you.

Guided meditations don't always have to be spiritual, motivational, or even that long for you to gain a better understanding of yourself and how to become more positive or happier. So give them a try and you'll be surprised at the amount of progress you can make in just a few tries.

Positive thinking isn't something we're all born with. Some of us are naturally more positive than others and some fall closer to a more pessimistic or negative outlook. But if you're here now then it's safe to assume it's because you want to become more positive in your life. You're looking for more positive energy in your life and in yourself. 

It's truly possible for you to develop this. Meditations for positive energy like this one are here to help you slowly shift towards a more positive mentality. Give yourself time, it can be done day by day and session by session.

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