Programming: Now & Then • Eamonn Boyle & Garth Gilmour
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This interview was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen 2021 for GOTO Unscripted.

Read the full transcription of this interview here

Eamonn Boyle - Software Trainer at Instil Software
Garth Gilmour - Head Of Learning at Instil Software
Preben Thorø - CTO at Trifork Switzerland

The last 20 years have brought several major paradigm shifts in software development. Starting as a software developer was quite different in the early days compared to today. Join Eamonn Boyle and Garth Gilmour as they go down memory lane to discuss the ever-changing world of programming.

Dave Thomas & Andy Hunt • The Pragmatic Programmer
Gamma, Helm, Johnson & Booch • Design Patterns (Gang of Four)
Allen Holub • Holub on Patterns
Fred Brooks Jr. • The Mythical Man-Month


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