Leveling Up Your Sales Efforts Through Client-Centric Strategies with Ken Lundin
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Did you know that acquiring a new client costs more than keeping an existing one? Consequently, it is quintessential for software companies to maintain healthy, long-standing relationships with their clients or customers to grow their revenue in the long run. But do these companies dedicate enough time to their clients? Or are they more focused on themselves?

Ken Lundin, the President at Ken Lundin and Associates, admits that most SaaS companies make mistakes because they are more focused on driving revenue instead of crafting client-centered campaigns that solve customers' problems. Additionally, he claims that a product or service can succeed if it meets a client's needs and solves their problems. Otherwise, it doesn't stand a chance.

Ken provides a meaningful piece of advice to sales teams focusing on the client acquisition process, encouraging them to pay more attention to messaging and market fit. In the new episode of Digital Footprint, Ken and Carlos Gonzales also discuss whether it is possible to create a predictable sales pipeline and the obstacles one must overcome when crafting one.


πŸ’‘ Name: Ken Lundin

πŸ’‘ What he does: Ken is the President at Ken Lundin and Associates

πŸ’‘ Company: Ken Lundin and Associates

πŸ’‘ Noteworthy: Ken Lundin and Associates is the company focused on helping SaaS founders grow their ROI by creating a unique consulting plan based on the company's specific goals.

πŸ’‘ Where to find Ken: LinkedIn | Official Website

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