"High seas: Enabling a climate resilient Suez Canal" by Marsh
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We recorded this episode as a part of a podcast series on the occasion of COP27. Each episode illustrates the breadth and depth of Marsh McLennan’s climate capabilities. The issues addressed throughout the series include investment transition, the insurance sector’s role in climate adaption, communities and businesses’ exposure to physical risks, and how companies need to address the inextricable link between climate and nature. 

Find more information about how Mercer, Marsh and other Marsh McLennan businesses will be addressing these issues at COP27 and beyond, visit https://www.marshmclennan.com/pages/climate-hub.html

High seas: Enabling a climate resilient Suez Canal

The blocking of the Suez Canal in May, 2021 demonstrated the vulnerability of global supply chains to disruptions to the world's, canals and waterways. The just in time nature of shipping means that there is limited redundancy, and these kinds of routes become pressure points for cascading risk. With increasing incidents of disruptive weather events driven by climate change, greater focus needs to be given to understanding these potential critical points of failure.

Nicholas Faull, Head of Climate and Sustainability, Risk and Innovation at Marsh is joined by colleagues Dr. Bev. Adams, Head of Climate and Catastrophe Resilience based in the UK and Scott Williams, ESG Coordinating Director for the Middle Eastern Africa region to explore the importance of this case study.

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