How to Be Part of the Solution with Darrick McGhee
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“Keep both your feet on the ground, keep your nose out of the air.  Just work hard, be a person of great integrity and character and treat others with respect.”  - Darrick McGhee

When people hear the word lobbyist, their first thought isn’t always the best.  Maybe they envision backroom deals or the smoke filled rooms of long ago. 

But the reality is, lobbyists are advocates for their clients. And there is a lot to be learned from how a good lobbyist works the legislative processes to yield to the right outcome for their client.

In this episode, we welcome Darrick McGhee, a well respected lobbyist and our very first guest. Darrick has worked in the legislative process for over 20 years and is sharing his personal experience working for three Governors and as a professional lobbyist.

In this episode you'll not only be inspired by his journey and how he keeps the political and policy process in perspective, but you’ll learn Darrick’s top 3 tips on how you can effectively communicate your issues.

Listen to this episode and learn how cultivating relationships, respecting the process and maintaining your own integrity are the real secrets to being part of the solution!

More about the Guest:

Darrick McGhee is the COO of the firm Johnson & Blanton with 2 decades of experience in state and local government. He’s a Florida lobbyist and former Director of Legislative Affairs for the Executive Office of Florida’s former Governor Rick Scott. Mr. McGhee also served in multiple senior leadership roles at Florida agencies including: interim Executive Director and Chief of Staff at Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity and as Legislative Affairs Director for 3 additional state agencies.

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Influential Guest Quotes:

  • Treat everyone with the utmost respect. - Darrick McGhee
  • Stick to what is important to you and be part of the solution. - Darrick McGhee
  • Always respect the institution. - Darrick McGhee
  • Relationships are everything. - Darrick McGhee
  • You have to be innovative in how you share your message. - Darrick McGhee
  • Members still want to be educated, you just need to adapt to the changes. - Darrick McGhee
  • Every mentor needs a mentor. - Darrick McGhee

About the Host:

Cori Henderson, host of the Policy Influencer Playbook podcast brings her Master’s Degree in Public Administration and 20+ years in Government Relations and Economic Development to help you and your organization engage at all levels of government to advance your agenda. From her unique perspective having sat at the legislative, regulatory, and stakeholder tables, Cori knows that passing (or killing) legislation, getting a regulatory project permitted quickly or a tax incentive package negotiated successfully all come down to the same thing: clearly communicating your message to the right person at the right time.

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