Episode #9 - Ashlie Amber: The Power of the Hustle
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Ashlie Amber is a singer, actress and entertainer who is in the midst of an incredible music career as a black recording artist in Nashville, a music culture that historically has not embraced gender equality or diversity. As a child, she discovered the power of music and developed a deep connection to country music. However, as she began to pursue her professional career, she was stereotyped as an artist and was encouraged to sing music styles exclusively associated with black culture. In this episode, Ashlie Amber speaks candidly about her journey in the pursuit of her dream to become the “Beyonce” of country music. She shares with us that success has little to do with vocal ability and that social media, branding, a solid business and marketing plan, and the ability to negotiate contracts are vital for a career in the music industry.

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In this episode
01.07 - About Ashlie Amber

04:41 - Realising her love for singing

13:52 - Previous voice training

21:06 - Working onboard a cruise ship

29:46 - Singing Whitney & self care

33:04 - Meeting Don Ellis Gatlin after a performance

36:06 - Signing Don Ellis Gatlin as her manager

38:30 - Women in country music statistics

43.39 - The music Ashlie Amber has released so far

46.20 - The importance of a good team

49.29 - Dealing with discrimination

55:01 - Make it happen mentality 

1:00:10 - Covid’s effect on the voice

1:02:29 - Advice for up and coming artists

1:06:15 - Finding Ashlie Amber online

More about Ashlie Amber
Ashlie Amber grew up in Colorado with the dream of being a country star. Introduced to country music by the kids in her neighbourhood, she developed a deep connection to this music. Being the only Black family in the neighbourhood, Amber is no stranger to the lack of diversity. When she decided to pursue country music in Colorado no one took her aspirations seriously. By the time she was 19 she signed with an independent label, but it wasn’t the direction of music she wanted to go into and walked away from the label deal. After a few auditions, Ashlie began working in music theatre which eventually led to her performing on cruise ships. Eventually, she created and began performing her headliner show “I Will Always Love You”, a breath taking tribute to vocal legend Whitney Houston. Her unique approach to the show along with her outstanding vocals and ratings, led to Ashlie being discovered by Darryl Ellis. She is currently collaborating with Grammy and Emmy award winner, Jamie Tate, to create and record her very first album in the country genre in Nashville. It is Ashlie's aspirations rising to become one of the first Black Female Country Stars to have top 40 success and beyond. Her dream is that it will help pave the way for a new generation of music, open minded thinking and a new outlook on music today.

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