Sam King Pro Trial Enduro and Snowbike
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Is competition the only way you can land sponsorships?

Or are sponsorships based solely on your talent?

What other way can you land sponsorships and spend more time riding?

When we sit in the comfort of our home and scroll through our social media, we may think “must be nice” when we see someone riding a new bike, traveling the world, or getting the “hook up” from a company. But what if seeing and thinking isn’t the reality of what is actually happening? We all too often judge a situation or individual way before we dig a little deeper to understand what that person went through to actually obtain that lifestyle. So why complain about what they are currently doing when you can learn more about how they did it and do it for yourself?

We are pumped to share this podcast with you today. Sam King has been making a big splash in the industry. He is constantly striving to take his relationships with companies to the next level. From shows to exciting tricks on his bikes, Sam isn’t afraid to stand out and be different in the industry. And to be quite honest, it has been paying off for him. Sam agrees that his success did not come overnight but rather an accumulation of years of hard work and dedication to his skills. Sam is a fantastic example of where any enthusiast or athlete can create their own personal lifestyle within action sports.


Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 

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