Aaron Bernasconi Owner Mountain Motorsports B.C.
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We all have those dreams of riding every single day.

We sit at work, look out the window and think “Wow. Today would be amazing to go riding."

Then we go back to work and push it out of our minds…

And that is where most people stop pursuing their dreams! If you don’t push for riding 60 days a year but you dream about doing it, then you are smothering your chances of actually doing it. Who told you to dream small? When did you begin telling yourself you aren’t a dreamer? Why did you begin listening to your negative thoughts or better yet “Reality” (HUGE AIR QUOTES HERE PEOPLE). You have the potential to ride 60, 70, 80, or 100 days out of the year if you want to! The only person holding you back is… Yup you guessed it (or maybe not and blamed the weatherman) is YOU!

Today is a treat. Dropping important matters in his life to sit down and record a podcast was nothing but special and we are deeply grateful. Aaron Bernasconi (don’t ask how I pronounced it) looked out that window and decided to do something more with his life than just dream about riding. HE WENT OUT RIDING! More days than most too in the beginning. From the rental fleet to the hard-to-get-because-of-covid fleet on his show room floor, Aaron is surrounded by the things he loves and he breaks down his thoughts when it came to working inside the industry. Aaron is a normal guy with normal problems, however, he stopped being normal when he decided to push himself to the next level. Are you ready to do the same?

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