Sarah Bulford (MountainDarlin) Leatt Athlete
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How do you operate your social media account?

Are you enjoying what you are posting and sharing with the world?

Or do you consume more than you create?

When it comes to a life on social media there are a few “types” of people. 1. You might absolutely love posting all about your lifestyle and blast it to the world to see. 2. Social media is not about posting and sharing your life, but more about consuming others content and viewing the world through your personal device. 3. You want to share you social media but don’t want to post content that will portray you as “fake” or “post because you have to” and so you consume more than you post and critic those that do post more than you. 4. Why even bother with social media? 5. You consume just as much as you post. Be honest with yourself, which type are you?

Sarah Bulford was a dreamer as a kid and quickly learned that when she was old enough, she could move out of comfort of her home with her family and do something extraordinary. The best part about her journey is that she saw an opportunity to document everything she was doing and share it with the world. Because she took action and pursued an idea she has landed opportunities with GoPro, Redbull, Leatt, DPSskis, and Mountain Life Media. Through hard work, consistency, passion, and making mistakes along the way, Sarah is living a lifestyle most dream about. So what’s stopping you from doing the same?

Take notes!


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