How to Heal Your Inner Wounded Child
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On this episode of “The Language of Love,” I am sitting down for a very special Sessions conversation. During Sessions, I get to talk to real listeners just like you and give them personalized, real-time advice to help address all of their questions about sex, love, and relationships.

Today I am speaking with Mary. Mary reached out to me after seeing a post I made on social media about the wounded child that can often lives within many of us. If you have trauma in your past (who doesn’t?) and you haven’t fully addressed and processed that trauma, you might too have an inner wounded child who is crying out for attention and healing.

Mary shares with me some of the things that deeply traumatized her as a child, including how her mother would prioritize men over raising her children. Mary still carries that trauma with her into her own romantic life and beyond. I help her to understand how she can meet her inner wounded child and help that child heal.

If the concept of an inner wounded child sounds familiar, here are some signs that you might have an inner wounded child:

⧿ Fear of abandonment and/or the belief that no one will ever stay with you if they see the ‘real’ you

⧿ Problematic boundaries: You let people walk all over you and reveal all your deepest secrets and vulnerabilities right away…or the flip side, you never truly let people in, even those who have known you for years

⧿ You are ashamed of expressing your own emotions: People with a traumatic or troubled childhood may have learned that it was important to hide their fear or sadness or anger from the adults in their lives, and this behavior can carry on into your own adulthood

⧿ You never trust anyone. You have a subconscious (or conscious) suspicion of everyone, even you: You struggle to trust your own judgement or believe your own recollections of events.

⧿ Conflict avoidant: You run from conflict and bury your head in the sand when people mistreat you or those you love. You want to stand up for yourself but you don’t have the tools or resources to do so.

Listen to this episode and let me know your thoughts!

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