Debunking Sex Toy Myths
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On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman talks about the history of sex aids, from primitive sex toys to the invention of the first vibrator. From G-spot stimulators to dilators to penis rings, there are so many sex aids which you can use to improve your connection with yourself and your partner(s). As Dr. Berman explains, the sex aid industry has really changed in the last 2 decades: Now sex aids are female-friendly and easily found online or in cozy boutiques, rather than in scary dimly-lit rooms at truck stops.

So how can you find out which sex aid is right for you? Which sex is best for single folks or for use during intercourse? Dr. Berman gives her top tips to help you shop smart when you enter the world of sex aids.

Then, she talks about how you can introduce sex aids into their relationship. What should you do if your suggestion of using a sex aid offends your partner or makes them jealous? It’s not uncommon for men to feel insecure when women want to bring vibrators or sex toys into their relationship, so how can you suggest sex aids without making your man feel like he is being replaced?

Dr. Berman also challenges common sex toy myths, like the idea that you can get addicted to your vibrator or that vibrators are dangerous to your genitals or sexual response.

Tune into this episode of “The Language of Love” to get your FAQs about sex toys answered.

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