Bringing Up Baby
Bringing Up Baby
Mar 29, 2021
When Babies Eat Solids with Edwena Kennedy
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What we know about babies and how to best meet their needs has come a long way over the past few decades. 

While I can throw out at least a dozen changes and myths that have gone on in the sleep world, I think there are even more misconceptions in the baby-feeding world. 

So When I first started thinking about who I might have as a guest on this show, my mind immediately went to Edwena Kennedy of My Little Eater.

Edwena is a mom of two and the registered pediatric dietitian behind My Little Eater™, a platform that helps families feel confident raising healthy little eaters. She offers online courses for Baby Led Feeding and Feeding Toddlers and has helped thousands of parents reduce stress and set the foundation for lifelong healthy eating.

Edwena and I dove into a number of different topics, from whether or not the number of teeth your baby has matters when it comes to their eating certain solid foods to when/how often baby should getting solids while still incorporating breastmilk or formula. We also get into what the deal is with offering water to babies and what this whole debate is about when it comes to sippy cups?!

Did you know that the only food a baby needs in the first 6 months of life is breastmilk or formula? The answers to all of these topics might surprise you, and Edwena breaks it down in a way that we can really understand it. She gives us practical tips on how best we can support baby on this journey to eating solids and what THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE IS when it comes to food. 

Edwena and I started our conversation with discussing the recommendation by Health Canada, The WHO, AND the American Academy of Pediatric’s that the introduction to “other” foods or solid food not be before 6 months of age. Here’s what Edwena had to say about why that is and why you might actually be hearing different advice out there.

Now onto this week’s Mental Health Minute, Edwena actually joined me in this conversation as we talked about the social pressure that many parents feel when it comes to the kinds of foods to offer baby - whether that be starting baby on purees or going the baby-led weaning way where you’re giving baby properly portioned piece of food… Or homemade food vs. store-bought… 

Edwena has had tons of experiences talking to her clients about this and she has something really valuable to share that I hope helps bring you peace of mind.

I love how Edwena talked about that it’s really about the experience, the coming together as a family to eat meals together whenever possible, and the conversations that are being had about food.
This is the stuff that they carry with them through adulthood that can have a profound impact on their health and well-being… not necessary the fact that they had rice puffs for dinner that one time ;)  

That’s all for today’s show!

For more information about Edwena Kennedy and the My Little Eater program, check out and find her on Facebook and Instagram

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