"brang down the curt'n"
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They are seeking to fortify their power through their ability(ies) to exert authority over the laws that were originally intended to only benefit them. Laws that were enacted by those that stepped out the ranks and the brotherhood of solidarity.

Although the laws under assault were those that were on the books that sought to benefit the general populace of amerikkka, those that harbored discontent, always found that hidden loophole that allowed them to continue to serve as the maniacal puppeteer that continued to orchestrate the movements of those they desire(d) to oppress.

"brang down the curt'n''

is a piece that I composed as I thought about the various machinations that were, and still are, enacted to destroy the nuclear Black family. This particular piece addresses the extremes that were designed to force black men from their patriarchal role within millions of homes.

Although that specific topic served as the impetus for this piece, the manipulations and shenanigans that are currently being witnessed are simply a manifestation of on-going efforts to maintain ABSOLUTE CONTROL of this society.

Please do not think that those rights that are currently being rolled back and demolished are the result of the impetuous nature of the puppeteer. What we are witnessing is the manifestation of years of planning and conspiratorial activities.

It is abundantly clear that the puppeteer desires to continue to control the lives of ALL by manipulating the various tenets (strings) of our lives. I for one am willing to stand and  emphatically let them know...

...."they might have the right strang...but they  got the WRONG YO YO"!!!

BTW...those who possess  less melanin than I, and are of the belief that  these manipulations will benefit you... I suggest you take a look at the ZOMBIE laws that will go back into effect if Roe v. Wade is stricken down. You may just find that you are in for a rude awakening!!!




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