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Chicagoland, Atlanta, Jackson, Memphis, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., ...

all of the preceding cities are seeing an increase in the number of crimes and the number of crimes committed with firearms.  If that was not enough, the types of weapons being utilized are becoming increasingly larger and exponentially more lethal. Additionally, the number of rounds that are discharged within seconds, wait per second, is absolutely mind boggling.

These crimes are primarily being attributed to inner-city youth, (code word for Blacks), The question that should be asked is -how the weaponry that is now being utilized in the blatant frontal assaults on and against our communities-is so easily reaching the hands of the perpetrators of these violent acts?

The increase in the lethality of the weapons utilized in the heinous acts that we are witnessing is being highlighted in the increase in the

of the weapon that the oftentimes immature perpetrator chooses to brandish. It appears that they are committing these crimes with the idea that they are laying claim to a specific brand. A brand that many perceive as substantiating their street credibility or entrenching them in some secret society that promotes violence 

We must work diligently and vigilantly in ensuring that these weapons are no longer made accessible to our youth, as well as the many others who desire to reign down terror on the inhabitants or visitors to the many places within our communities that were once considered sacrosanct.

Remember, THEY are OUR kids, and it is incumbent upon US to protect them from themselves.



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