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We each are gifted, or burdened,  with memories that want to maintain a certain level of relevance within that space between our ears.
Sometimes we allow those memories of a certain person or  activity, within a specific period of our lives, to negatively affect our potential or achievement in our present or future lives.

is my way of identifying that the propensity for allowing past scars or successes to impact my  life is real and that I  have to consciously address the issues that are presented by each. The ability to identify those things or periods of time  that seek to maintain a foothold within "my present" was, and is, crucial to my ability to live out this thing called life.

**Yes, I am fully aware that trifecta means three but there are numerous events that could occupy that period of time that we identify as the past-yesterday even.

Give it some thought!  What are you allowing to rent, lease or own your special space?

Our Spirit Lives!!


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